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The Public Economy in Crisis: A Call for a New Public government spending, is that the economists themselves do not have the conceptual.
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A moment will arrive when this view is widely considered impoverished, cynical, scientifically simplistic and ethically blind, uncaring, racist and classist. Milberg, real-world economics review, Vol.

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It's beautifully written in a style that demonstrates complete command over the literature and the sequence of events, but without pedantry or loss of pace. It's remarkable.

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SpringerBriefs in Economics Free Preview. Proposes a new theory of public economics relevant to the realities of modern, democratic nation states Illustrates how the public economy differs from the market model and why those differences matter Integrates work and thought across the disciplines of economics, political science and public administration see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy.

Global Health and the Global Economic Crisis

About this book This Brief proposes a new theory of public economics which deemphasizes reliance on the free market and affirms the importance of public goods and services within the context of the democratic process and constitutional governance. Show all. Show next xx. Recommended for you.

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  • The voice of 8 million European public service workers. Workers are paying a heavy price for the mess created by neo-liberal ideologues, corporations, bankers and others who resisted regulating financial markets and they advocated privatisation as well as liberalization of public services.

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    The dismantling of public services has contributed to the current crisis by removing an element that stabilizes the economy in times of crisis. It requires a coordinated response of EU and other European countries in cooperation with other global players and international institutions. Coordination is needed to have a global stimulus, reform and build new financial institutions to regulate the financial markets, address climate change also in times of economic and financial crisis, strengthen wage bargaining and prevent deflation and ensure a crisis of this magnitude does not happen again - Public sector workers are already paying a heavy price with austerity measures being introduced in a range of countries and considered in others.

    We reject this public finance restrictive consolidation.


    Such measures are pro-cyclical as they contribute to a decrease in demand. Many bankers and Chief Executive Officers CEOs escaped taxation and still go unscathed, The rich and corporations will have to contribute and share the pain. EPSU wants a substantial social agenda with a reinforced role for the trade unions at work place, sectoral, national and European levels.

    Wage increases are needed to counter deflation and to stimulate demand. The EPSU Executive Committee asks affiliated unions: - To use this document in policy discussions with their confederations and public authorities and thus to shape the future course of Europe together; - To inform the EPSU secretariat of attacks on collective bargaining, trade union rights and social dialogue, where governments and employers seek to impose unilateral measures as a consequence of the crisis. EPSU does not support that government measures unilaterally single out public service workers, many of whom are in the low or middle income bracket, while the rich, the bankers and others escape painful measures.

    The crisis underlines the importance of public services; EPSU will seek to prevent that the economic crisis is used to diminish the role of government and public services. Addressing tax havens and tax fraud, ensuring fair and progressive taxation are key elements for economic, social and environmental progress.