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Nonlinear Fiber Optics. A volume in Optics and Photonics. Book • 4th Edition • Authors: Govind P. Agrawal. Browse book content. About the book.
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We value your input. But even if we have a laser, to hit the atoms hard enough we need a lot of energy focussed in one place. We could use a magnifying glass or a system of lenses in principle to obtain a tight focus, but the rays would diverge beyond it, and the energy density will fall. Optical fibers help us to walk around this hurdle.

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These fibers confine light within themselves by the principle of total internal reflection, but with two added advantages. One — the light can travel inside the fiber for kilometres without losing much of its energy.

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Two - and more importantly — it is confined to dimensions of the order of 7 to 8 microns — ten times smaller than the diameter of the human hair. Thus we have a medium in which we can confine a lot of light energy in a tiny space, and then make it travel for kilometres.

This increases the interaction of light with the medium. This essentially is the study of nonlinear fiber optics.

Nonlinear Fiber Optics

For example, it is possible to amplify a weak signal of one color in a fiber, by making it interact with a stronger light signal of a different color — a technique that is used in fiber communications. By pumping in a bit more energy than usual, one can produce light of different colors called higher harmonic generation , or even a super-continuum of colors, spanning tens of nanometers.

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Research into nonlinear fiber optics has also spawned fast, pulsed output fiber lasers, which are routinely used in surgery and industrial applications. At Aston University, we study the nonlinear phenomena in optical fibers in depth, with state of the art equipment. For more information on Research degrees in the School of Engineering and Applied Science please click here.