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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Understand the principles and practical elements of BI Business Intelligence For Dummies by [Scheps, Swain].
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But you've heard at least a dozen definitions of what it is, and heard of at least that many BI tools. Where do you start?

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It takes you step by step through the technologies and the alphabet soup, so you can choose the right technology and implement a successful BI environment. You'll see how the applications and technologies work together to access, analyze, and present data that you can use to make better decisions about your products, customers, competitors, and more.

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So you've already figured out that Business Intelligence can be pretty valuable in making the right decisions about your business. Where do you start?

He wrote the masterpiece resting in your hands with a great deal of input and inspiration from BI guru and fellow For Dummies author Alan R. Anyone interested in buying some slightly underwater stock options should contact the publisher immediately. After that there were consulting stints at Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Best Crossmark developing sales support applications and reporting tools.

As of this writing, Swain basks under the fluorescent lights of Brierley, a technology company whose specialty is building customer relationship and loyalty management systems for retailers.

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The author has had the opportunity to learn from the very best as Brierley also provides unparalleled business intelligence and analytics services for its clients. Swain lives in Dallas, Texas with wife Nancy and a mere four dogs.

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