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Editorial Reviews. Review. 'This is a refreshing new take on areas which have been explored Essential Life Coaching Skills (Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge) - Kindle edition by Angela Dunbar. Download it once and read it on your.
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By engaging with the course content and preparing your learning needs in advance of the call, the time with your learning leader will be well spent.

Life Coaching Basics is designed for people with little or no experience of coaching who would like to find out what it involves and learn its fundamental skills and competencies in a cost and time-efficient manner. This supported online coach training program covers all foundational aspects of life coaching and focuses on core coaching competencies and knowledge.

Essential Skills for Life Coaches

This makes it the perfect choice for those starting on the coaching path or for those who intend to further their training as a transformational coach in the Deep Coaching Intensive. Specifically designed to focus on the key skills and competencies of inspired coaching which build a foundational understanding and capability as a life coach. A wide range of exercises, processes, models, and tools and techniques are provided, helping you build your coaching 'toolkit'. When you enroll you become part of our global community of coaches and change-makers, and enjoy the benefits provided to the community by the Center.

Contact us if you would like us to tailor a different installment plan for you. Enrollment is ongoing, so you can join Life Coaching Basics at any time.

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Learn the fundamentals of inspired coaching Everything you need to learn and understand in order to coach effectively and build a solid coaching foundation. How does it work? Life Coaching Basics is delivered through a blend of self-study and supported integration calls. Self Study e-learning E-learning allows you to participate from anywhere in the world. Live Supported Integration Calls The integration calls are where you get personal support from a certified professional coach. Individual Study.

Support for Your Learning. Integration Call Approach.

The First Basic Coaching Skill – Goal Setting

Thinking about joining the course? You should expect to offer evening or weekend appointments as this is when many clients will want to meet. It's important to recognise that any form of intensive work with clients can be emotionally demanding. Your professional body may recommend a maximum number of hours of client contact per week.

Many coaches work part time to compliment other similar work such as counselling or careers consultancy. You'll need to invest time in building your reputation and networking with agencies, employers and potential clients and so may need to factor time for that into your working week. Also allow time for professional development activities and supervision. Life coaching isn't a regulated profession and you therefore don't need to have specific qualifications. However, if you're serious about becoming a life coach, you should consider taking specific training with providers accredited by coaching associations such as:.

By being appropriately accredited, clients will know you're trained to a certain standard.

To become accredited you may need to attend a course that has contact hours with your tutor rather than completing an online course. Once you've finished your training, you'll need to record additional coaching hours in order to finalise your relevant accreditation. These can range from 60 to 75 hours of coaching practice.

Coaching Skills Every Successful Coach Needs To Master

You don't need to have a degree or HND to be a life coach. The majority of life coaches choose the profession as a second career and come to the role with previous experience in a range of backgrounds including:. A degree in any of these areas may be helpful, however life and professional experience are more important. You will need to undergo Disclosure and Barring Service checks if your client group are under the age of 18 or are vulnerable adults. Relevant experience in a supporting role with a diverse range of people is helpful.

There are opportunities to find work experience within the charity sector in a variety of settings including community centres, care homes and prisons. Some schools and universities will also accept trainee life coaches. This voluntary experience can help towards gaining a place on a course accredited by a recognised coaching body. You will also need to find similar work experience to complete the necessary training hours that will be part of your life coaching course.

The majority of life coaches are self-employed although many people may incorporate their life coaching skills into their existing role. Once you've gained experience it may be possible to set up your own life coaching business. If you do this, you'll need your own website and will need to promote your services through various channels including social media.

If you become a member of a recognised coaching body, you could also advertise with online directories such as Life Coach Directory. This is a great way to promote your work and develop your client base. It opens up opportunities to you as you can work both nationally and internationally via video calling or on the phone.

Coaching Strategies And Techniques by Gladeana McMahon

To get a job this way, you'll typically need substantial experience along with a relevant accredited coaching qualification. Opportunities are growing for life coaches to work in a range of community projects such as prisons, with organisations such as Coaching Inside and Out CIAO , schools, the charity sector, health and wellbeing and professional support services. Higher education institutions are also using life coaches for supporting students through the university experience and for career planning. These roles are not always advertised widely so you'll need to be proactive and do your research.

It's a good idea to research funding that's available for community projects and approach charities who may be interested in expanding their work into life coaching.

101 Coaching Strategies And Techniques (Essential Coaching Skills And Knowledge)

There isn't one straightforward career progression route for life coaches and personal development is mainly self-directed. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Book Description Publication Date: September 10, Essential Life Coaching Skills provides a comprehensive guide to the complete range and depth of skills required to succeed as a life coach. Angela Dunbar uses theoretical background alongside practical examples to provide a clear understanding of what makes a successful life coach.

This book focuses on seven essential skill sets that are necessary for effective life coaching, with each chapter giving specific examples of how these skills are used in life coaching, and how they can be developed and improved. The book also includes a comprehensive, current overview of life coaching processes, practices and issues, from both the coach and client perspectives.

Individual Study

Essential Life Coaching Skills will be ideal reading for new and existing life coaches who wish to find ways to enhance their competence and ability. It will also be of use to therapists and counsellors looking to expand into coaching. Show more.